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  • Wayang Siang (work-in-progress title), 2010

Friday, March 21, 2008

Two more performances

As promised, here are some more details of upcoming Projek Wayang performances in the 2008 calendar:

Aug 10: Wayang Kenduri, Ipoh (details tbc)
Aug 29-30: Wayang Buku, Stella Maris school library, KL (time tbc)
Oct 27 - Nov 2: Wayang Emergency (working title), The Annexe (details tbc)

We'll keep updating as and when we have more info.

And if you are in Malaysia and would like to host a Projek Wayang performance, please get in touch with Fahmi Fadzil at fahmiDOTfadzil AT gmailDOTcom.

1 comment:

hana said...

wahhh i juz saw ur sang kancil below. seronoknya!! lemme know if u need an xtra hand w ur future projects id love to sibuk2 as usual. (can oso lend u my witchy voice if u wan hehe)