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Friday, March 21, 2008

Coming Soon

To a panggung near you!

Projek Wayang is proud to announce an up-coming performance that for the 2008 Season.

Aug 29, 30 - Wayang Buku at Stella Maris' Library. Time tbc.

More performances are being slated, for sure!

We've been a little quiet, we know, but there's been a lot of 'wayang' happening in Malaysia that warrants us to just pay attention to all the different dalangs wanting to weave their own stories about the country. A lot of material for our performances, no doubt, and you will soon be the beneficiaries of these political turbulences.

(Photograph of Anwar Ibrahim - on the cellphone - outside the Bangsar Sports Complex where his daughter, Nurul Izzah, was standing to contest in the Lembah Pantai parliamentary constituency for the 12th Malaysian General Elections. She would go on to defeat two-term incumbent from Barisan Nasional, Sharizat Jalil; 24 Feb 2008)

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