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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wayang Beber Kota

Earlier this year, I met up with Dani Iswardana of Wayang Beber Kota, a contemporary Wayang Beber troupe based in Solo, Indonesia. Wayang Beber is often thought of as a dead art, with barely any practitioners, yet here we have a three-man troupe (consisting of Dani, the STSI-trained visual artist, Tri Ganjar Wicaksono, the 17-year old dalang, and Agung PW, the guy I've been closely in touch with, who've also set up the WBK website).

Projek Wayang is trying to see if there are any possibilities of collaboration in the near future, so I'm going over in the early part of next year to learn about their work and how they operate in a contemporary setting.

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